So You're a Hockey Parent...

"The game of hockey is for kids. Kids play the game because they love it and because it is fun. As parents we must all realize that, for kids, positive participation is always more important than excellence. The personal and social development that comes from being part of a team is one of the most enriching experiences offered by the game. We must continue to live the values of fun and fair play, respect, integrity and teamwork with a balanced perspective of expectations and definition of success" - Hockey Canada

Being a hockey parent is not an easy role. You will wear many hats, manage lots of emotions, and drive to many rinks, often in the wee hours of the morning. Here's a quick breakdown of what you need to know and do to get the season started with the North Shore Avalanche. Further resources are posted below too:

  1. Register for the season here!
  2. Sign up for TeamSnap (see details below) and accept the invitation to join your team. Keep a close eye on this core communication tool for team schedules and other information.
  3. Complete/Update your ePACT emergency contact and medical records for details for your daughter for the NSFIHA.
  4. Attend the start of the year team meeting with coaches
  5. GET INVOLVED: Volunteer for a role on the team or for the association. Check out opportunities listed here! Or ask your Team or Divisional Managers how you can get involved.
  6. Complete to Sportsmanship Fair Play Code of Conduct

Remember: it’s about fairness and respect!
It’s about play!
It’s all about family!
It’s about fun and being kids!

What else could really be more important?

Parent Resources