NSFIHA Media & Photos

Avalanche Photos & Pics Wanted!

We are always looking for Avalanche photos and video clips that we can share on our website and social media to celebrate our community. If you have captured some team or player moments during the season or off season, successes on or off the ice, please share! You can send them along to media@northshoregirlshockey.com; please include any information regarding the team and/or players involved and inform the players/team and parents involved that you are sharing this media to be posted on the Avalanche website or social media to ensure any privacy preferences are respected.


Avalanche Website Photo Credits

We wish to give special thanks to Mark Steffens of Fotoguy Photography who graciously volunteered his time and talent to provide us with a great selection of updated team and player shots for marketing during the 2018-2019 season. Looking forward to adding more updates this year!

If you are looking for a great sports photographer, you can contact Mark here.