The North Shore Female Ice Hockey Association (NSFIHA) was created to provide an opportunity for young females to play competitive or recreational ice hockey in a safe and enjoyable environment.

About Us

Welcome to the North Shore Female Ice Hockey Association (NSFIHA)! Hockey for girls 5-19 in North and West Vancouver, BC.  We are the largest female ice hockey association in BC and we provide a safe, fun and engaged environment for girls to learn and play hockey. We field teams from Tykes through to Midget.

Our Association is governed and operated by volunteers, most of whom are parents of our players. The outstanding quality of the players’ experiences and the results we see on the ice directly reflect the effort and energy contributed by those who are willing to commit their time.

NSFIHA History

Hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. With the success of the Canadian Women’s (and men’s) hockey teams, girls hockey has never been so popular.

It’s no wonder. Playing hockey is an exhilarating experience for most girls who try the game for the first time. it’s fast, exciting, fun, safe (there is no body checking allowed) and because it’s part of the fabric of our Canadian culture it creates a very special connection with both players and parents.

North Shore Avalanche girls hockey is designed to build on the fun of the game and become a peak experience both on and off the ice for girls aged 5 to 18. It is designed to focus on hockey skill development at both the recreational and the highest competitive levels and bring girls together in a team setting where they can play together as friends and as teammates.

For many girls who try the sport of hockey the combination of speed, exercise, challenge, friendships and fun makes girls hockey simply the greatest game in the world. Many alumni girls will play hockey as a life long activity, for many years, perhaps into their 50s and beyond.

Our North Shore girls hockey program is focused on skill development, fun and friendship and these values are stressed at all levels. It’s a unique game that provides unique benefits to the girls that play the game.

10 Reasons to Pay Girls Hockey!


  1. Girls find hockey fun and exciting
  2. Girls make good friends by playing hockey
  3. It is a wonderful team experience
  4. Hockey helps a girl get fit
  5. This is a game a girl can play for life
  6. Hockey improves a girl's lower and upper body strength
  7. Hockey builds a girl's sense of identity
  8. This is Canada Game!
  9. Hockey builds a girls self esteem
  10. Hockey is a constant challenge
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