Coaching Overview

Coaching can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences for adults in minor hockey. The NSFIHA is constantly on the lookout for new and experienced coaches to join our team of coaches at every level. Coaches need not be parents and, in fact, we strongly encourage non-parents to join the Association. Anyone who knows of potential candidates is asked to contact the Coaching Coordinator

The initial application process and selection of coaches takes place during the summer months and into early September.  Please do not delay in pursuing these positions, as there is much preparation and development work that is better started before the start of the season.

To apply to coach with the NSFIHA, please complete the online Coaching Application here. Applications are required for new and returning coaches.

If you have any questions, please contact our Coaching Coordinator at

Coaching Responsibilities:

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Involvement in player evaluation and selection
  • Implementing seasonal development and progression plans
  • Planning and conducting practices and any other additional skill development sessions
  • Coaching league, tournament and exhibition games
  • Planning and implementing pre­-game player preparation and communication and post-game follow-up
  • Supervising players and ensuring compliance with Team/Association rules during all team events
  • Liaising with Association, parents and Team Manager and other team officials in coordinating season

Coaching Qualifications

Coaches require the following minimal qualifications, courses or certifications to be a NSFIHA coach – which includes being on the ice, in the dressing rooms, and on the bench. These qualifications must be completed before the start of the season:

  • Criminal Record Check
  • Respect in Sport (RIS)
  • Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT)
  • Fair Play Code of Conduct
  • **New Mandatory Return to Hockey COVID-19 Safety Course
  • Coach 1 or equivalent: coaching a team below Atom divisions (NSFIHA Tyke or Novice)
  • Coach 2: coaching a non-carded/house level team at the Atom and above divisions
  • Development 1: coaching a carded team (PeeWee and above) that will not be participating in Regional or National Championships
  • Performance 1: coaching a carded team (PeeWee and above) competing in Regional or National Championships

Please see links for these qualification posted below. For any questions regarding these elements, please speak to the Coaching Coordinator.

Coaching Resources