Like many other hockey associations across BC, this spring we decided to redevelop our Avalanche website through Teamsnap to improve club communications, registration tools, resources and marketing. Please take a look around. If there are things that you think should be added, parts missing or if you notice typos or errors, please let us know so we can make the necessary edits and improvements!

Because this is a Teamsnap product, this means we can also easily integrate Teamsnap registrations, special club products and services, and team schedules into the website. For starters, check out the team pages here where divisional schedules will be shared once the season starts.


You will also probably noticed we have updated all our social media feeds and added new pics to the new site based on a series of planned team photo shoots done in late February and March. All parents of teams involved were informed about these shoots and the intent to use the photos for the new website, social media and marketing purposes. If your daughter was part of one of these team shoots and you no longer want her picture used on the site or for social media promotions, please let us know. If you look at the new site and see your daughter’s pic and want it removed from the site, please let me know via email